Artist Statement


Disguise and Revelation

In my paintings I primarily aim at projecting my innermost feelings and thoughts onto the canvas so as to create an 'affect' without the need for words.

My works develop through spontaneous and spiritual reactions to the physicality of the materials and previous layers. By following my intuition, each layer forming the composition acts as a metaphor for personality and inner emotions. I contain and seal my feelings and thoughts in the layers of my paintings.

Through overlapping transparent layers, I am able to suppress any negative parts of my inner emotions that may inevitably occur through the development of my work. However, whilst suppressing these thoughts, the transparent aesthetics make it impossible to disguise them and reveal them through and through.

Each painting is a struggle between disguise and revelation. As each part of the painting evolves, so do my inner feelings.

I am interested in the tension created within the juxtaposition of delicate lines and expansive layers of colour, which often creates unexpected spaces.

For me, each painting is an endless puzzle, which is hard to solve but attractive to complete. With no limitations, the creation of each painting offers infinite possibilities.