Joo Hee                                               



Artist Statement


I am concerned with the representation of the inner world. My pieces are about spiritual, physical and literal containment of improvisational moments of creation.

By following my intuition, the composition evolves as a continuous process as a metaphor for layers of personality, and inner emotions, secrets and tensions. I attempt to harness the inner movement of life, which is inspired by the realm of nature and spirit, in order to create image from the inner world, that lies somewhere between creation and existence.

The longing for exposing the invisible inside and making it visible led to the tenacity for transparency. The inner strata which we want to conceal are overlapping to keep our secrets more securely. In my work, I made these inner layers transparent to show penetration of each layer. It makes it impossible to disguise them, and reveals them through and through.

I am engrossed in the creation of tension between the lines and space of colours. The delicate lines block the overflowing, transparent, medium colours.

There is the improvised moment of exploding art work into one layer. The tension of surface friction between the gaps of each moment creates an unexpected extra space. The fragments of such times are layered and accumulated to form spatial depth in which air can travel through created gap spaces.